Rivers State : Nigerian Air Force acquits official, Aircraftman Ibrahim SA, who allegedly slapped a doctor


Aircraftman Ibrahim SA has been acquitted after being summoned before a military trial of the Nigerian Air Force for allegedly slapping Avwebo Otoide, a Port Harcourt-based doctor in May.


However Bass MO, the flight sergeant who headed the patrol team when Mrs Otoide was reportedly assaulted was given a punishment of “reprimand”.


The assault incident occurred while Mrs Otoide was on her way to work as an essential worker.  She was ordered out of her car by the airforce officials, who slapped her and also smashed her phone before detaining her in an isolation centre.


While Mr Bass is to be reprimanded, the summary trial revealed that the allegation against Mr Ibrahim could not be proven as there was no witness to that effect.


Nigerian Air Force spokesperson, Ibikunle Daramola said in a statement;

“The personnel who were found culpable in line with the extant law were tried and were awarded punishment of reprimand, in line with the armed forces law.”


Some officials told Premium Times that the “reprimand” punishment given to Mr Bass, will be filed and might delay future entitlements due for him.


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