Journei Brockman, 6, sent out of Arkansas daycare for wearing ‘Black Lives Matter’ t-shirt

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A 6 years old girl,Journei Brokmam was refused entry into her Day Care School, His Kids Preschoo, for wearing a T-Shirt with the inscription “Black Lives Matter” on it.

According to her mother, Deval Brockman, from Russellville, Arkansas, Journei Brockman has been attending daycare at “His Kids Preschool” for six months before the incident last Friday, June 26, 2020. She said the School had called her on Thursday, 25th June, to inform her that the authorities of the school were’nt pleased with the inscription, and that Journei Brokmam should never wear it to school again.

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Journei Brockman returned to School the following day, Friday, wearing a different shirt with an image of a raised fist printed on the back, the Black Lives Matter symbol.  Deval Brockman  had earlier said that she supports the protest and that her daughter was still  going to wear it to help say that ”our voice needs to be heard”. However, mrs. Brockman was informed when she went to picked her daughter up at the end of the day, that her daughter was no longer welcome at the school, and that the shirt was encouraging racism.

Brockman said she reported the complaint to state officials and she was told that her daughter could wear the shirt unless it contained profanity.



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