SP Benson Adetuyi, a BAD EGG in the Nigerian Police Force that must be dismissed


Severally, the Nigerian Police Force has been ranked as the most corrupt Police Force in the world. In Nigeria, it is ranked the most corrupt Government institution

The Police, while reacting to tnese ranking, has always claimed that the Force has FINE officers as its members, but that there are some BAD EGGS amongst them that are giving the Police, negative image. SP Benson is one of such BAD EGGS.

Unfortunately, the Police Force rather than initiating disciplinary measures agaist erring officers,shield and protect them from being punished. The reasons for such dispositions are not far fetch. It is a known fact the hierarchy of the Police formation usually give financial remitable targets to its subordinate Units. That is to say, at the end of a given period of time, say, a week,Month or quarterly, as the case may be, the subordinate Units are required to remit certain amount of money to the Unit heads. Failure to do that could lead to the redeployment of the defaulting officer.

In their attempt to meet up the given target, members of the Unit engage in all manner of crime and extortion of  monies from the unsuspecting Citizens. When these officers get caught in their criminal acts and reported to the hierarchy, expectedly, the boss who is  aware of what his men does, will be morally deficient to recommend or expose them for diciplinary measures. One of such officers who benefit from crime proceeds of his Men and shield them from being disciplined,  is SP Benson Adetuyi.

The former Rivers State Police Commissioner, Mr. Mustapha Dandaura also deliberately facilitated the redeployment of SP Benson Adetuyi to Force Headquarters, to prevent him from being  investigated.

SP Benson Adetuyi was the head of the  ‘’Commissioner’s Boys’’ Unit, a notorious torture and extorting Team, known as Eagle Crack. They specialized in intimidating, arresting, detaining, torturing and extorting money from Citizens of Rivers State.

On the 19th of December, 2019, the torture squad arrested one mechanic, Chima Ekunado and four others for alledgedly stealing the two cars they were driving in as at the time of their arrest. The cars were later found out to have been genuinely given to Chima for repairs and maintenance.

After extorting over 200,000 naira from Chima and the other four, they  were thrown into a cramped cell . Every morning and evening, SP Adetuyi’s Boys will bring them out and torture them to admit that they stole the cars. Their Parents and relatives were never notified of their arrest and detention.

Chima Ekunado died

In the night of 22nd December, 2019, after the evenings’ torture.

The news of Chima’s death spread and parents /relatives of the suspects thronged the Police Station in company of their lawyer. At the Mile 1 Police Station, the Lawyer identified SP Benson as an old friend of his. They exchanged pleasantries and in the course of their discussion, SP Adetuyi admitted that his Boys has ‘’over worked’’, referring to the death of Chima.

SP Adetuyi surreptitiously  arraigned the four men before a Magistrate Court, declaring late Chima missing.

In an attempt to cover up Chima’s death as a result of torture in Police Cell, SP Adetuyi, flagrantly contravened the provisions of First Schedule, (Regulation 370) Offence Against Discipline, K (1) and (ii) of the Police Act, and knowingly,willfully,negligently, misleadingly and inacurately lied to the Commissioner of Police, mr. Mustapha Dandaura and the Police Public Relations  Officer, mr. Nnamdi Omoni, that he has conducted an autopsy on the body of late Chima, that the result shows that Chima died of high blood sugar.

SP Adetuyi,a senior Police officer, did not know that he has no power or authourity to carry out or caurse to be carried out,an autopsy on the body of a suspect who died in Police custody, without a Corona inquest, and in the absence of parents or relatives of the diseased. Honestly, SP Adetuyi never carried out any autopsy on the body of late Chima. He lied to CP Dandaura.

Unfortunately, CP Dandaura deliberately did not query SP Adetuyi for causing an autopsy to be carried out on late Chima’s body without due process, rather, he relayed SP Adetuyi’s lies to the Police Public Relations  Officer, mr. Nnamdi Omoni who went on air to further spread the lies to the whole world, that late Chima died of High Blood Sugar.

CP Dandaura and his PPRO, mr. Nnandi Omoni were stupefied and dumbstricken as their incompetence and lack of professionalism were made manifest when an actual and proper autopsy  carried out by a Police pathologist disclosed that no autopsy had been carried out on the body prio.

The autopsy result which was witheld and concealed by CP Dandaura before his redeployment, was eventually made public by the elder brother of late Chima, mr. Anthony Ekunado, on Monday, 29th June, 2020.

SP Benson Adetuyi, certainly, is one of the BAD EGGS denting the image of the Nigerian Police Force, and should be dismissed and prosecuted


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