Open letter to the Governor of Rivers State, His Excellency,Chief Barr. Nyesom Ezebunwo Wike, Government House, Port Harcourt, Rivers State 30th June, 2020


Your Excellency, sir,


I hereby appreciate you for your commitment in fulfilling your electioneering promises to the people of Rivers State,as evidenced in the numerous projects spread across the 23 Local Governments in the State.

Your Excellency, sir, for several years, some Communities in Engenni have been bearing the inconveniences and insult of passing through Bayelsa State to access their communities in Rivers State. This is as a result of absence of access road linking Rivers State to the communities.

Presently,the blockage of the Mbiama land boarder, as a result of the measures taken by the Rivers State Government to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, has barred some Engenni communities from accessing other Engenni communities in Rivers State.

Excellency, sir, you experienced what I have just recounted when you visited one of the communities, Okarki, on the 5th of February, 2018, in the course of your campaign for your second term. According to you, your Excellency, you severally asked your protocol where they were taken you to, as they drove into Bayelsa State, en rout Okarki, Engenni in Rivers State.

When you addressed the people on that day, I noticed in your voice, a feeling of disgust, that the Governor of Rivers State has to drive through another State to access a community in his own State.

My notice of the feeling in your voice was confimred when, in your address, you expressed that feeling and promised that never would you or any other person visiting that part of Engenni, drive or pass through Bayelsa State. As part of the promise, you instructed the Commissioner for Works, who was in your entourage,to prepare and submit to your office, a proposal for the construction of Mbiama – Ogbogolo road. Ogbogolo being the last community in Engenni, South of the Engenni (Orashi) river.

Your Excellency, sir. Two years and five Months after your directives,no effort known to Engenni people has been made or seen to be made towards fulfilling that promise. We are still accessing our communities through Bayelsa State.

On the same date, your Excellency, you did inform the people of Ahoada West that you have awarded the contract to renovate and reconstruct the structures in Government Secondary School, Okarki, and that the project would be completed and delivered within six Months. Your Excellency, sir, again, two years and five Months have elapsed and the projects are yet to be completed.

Your Excellency, as you already know, Engenni Kingdom is an oil bearing Kingdom, contributing to the revenue allocation accruing  to the State. Development is far from Engenni. Our Primary and Secondary Schools are in deplorable conditions. The Engenni (Orashi) river where we defecate and wash in, is our only source of drinking water.

The only General hospital in the Local Government, General Hospital, Joinkrama, has been left to rot for years. Should there be any referral case from any of the scantily  funtioning Health Centers, the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital and the Rivers State University Teaching Hospital  would be the only alternatives. The patient would have died before accessing those two institutions.

Your Excellency, sir, I may not need to remind you that Ahoada West Local Government is comprised of two major Ethnic Nationalities, the Engennis and the Ekpeyes. Presently in your government, there is no appointee of yours that is from Engenni Clan. During your first term, in a meeting in government house, you did promised to appoint two Engenni persons as Special Advisers. Unfortunately the promise was not fulfilled and your first term ended. A year has just gone past in your second term, the Engenni people are still hopeful that you will remember them.

You promise in your development blue print as contained in the Rivers New Vision that you will spread your development to every part of Rivers State, let your development spread to Engenni land.

Thank you,


Nngeri Goodhead Goodliffe

+234 8037073075


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