Nigerian lady laments over a fine boy who collected her number 3 months ago and refuses to toast her, shares screenshots of their chats


In a rather hilarious post shared by a Facebook user on the social networking platform, a Nigerian lady has lamented over the dullness of her conversations with a “fine boy” who she gave her number to about three months ago.

According to her, she felt that by this time, the guy who requested for her number would have asked her out and they would have had a relationship going as of this moment.

But the lady, Mercury, who says she wishes for the year to ‘come and go’, has been left with nothing but total disappointment with the guy who apparently loves to tell her how “Good”  every time of the day is.

From the screenshots of their chats she shared, the guy consistently sent her “good morning, afternoon and evening” texts even when she didn’t respond to them.

She then took to her Facebook page to lament over the situation as she wonders whether the said guy is a ghost or something. See screenshot of the chats below:


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