Pandemonium in Aso Rock as Saibu Tunde Yusuf refused to isolate himself after returning from Lagos with five other women


There seem to be a vacuum of leadership in Aso Villa, Nigeria’s seat of power in Abuja, as aides and close individuals to President Muhammadu Buhari launch a massive offensive against Aisha, wife and First Lady of the country.

Trouble started after Aisha’s Aide De Camp and other security details forced her husband’s Personal Assistant, Saibu ‘Tunde’ Yusuf out of Aso Villa on Thursday after he refused to embark on a 14-day isolation period after a trip from Lagos. This act, incurred the wrath of the ‘cabal’, a group of powerful and almost untouchable individuals around Buhari.

Yusuf was reported to have been thoroughly beaten by the Guards Commander of Aisha after he refused to quarantine upon returning from Lagos with five women.

Yusuf has remained in the apartment of Mamman Daura, Buhari’s nephew, around the Villa where he escaped to after being beaten. Angered by the situation, it was gathered that Daura, Yusuf and other powerful individuals around Buhari had initiated several meetings to get back at Aisha, whom they consider to be blocking their plans in the Villa.

This is after Yusuf and Buhari’s Chief Security Officer had ordered the arrest of Aisha’s ADC and other security details.
According to a top Presidency source, “The case has now escalated to a power tussle between remnants of the cabal including Mamman Daura, Isa Funtua, and Tunde Sabiu.”Daura then summoned Isa Funtua to a meeting to discuss next steps on how to deal with Aisha’s latest excesses.

“They contacted the IG of police, who initially declined, asking that the issue be handled by Villa officials, but he was warned to order the arrest of Aisha ADC, a friend wihk Bello, Kogi State Governor.The ADC was seen to be powerfull because he knew the secrets of the cabal and was said to help Bello move cash to the cabal while he was there in Kogi. He also had a reputation for being ruthless as Bello’s ADC.

“When Buhari was informed, he asked that an investigation be done but it is believed that Buhari is in a state of dementia and most times don’t even remember the instructions passed out and the cabal around him capitalizes on this to commit atrocities and massive corruption.

“Tunde has remained in Mamman Daura’s house refusing to enter isolation as directed by Aisha, while the ADC to Mrs Buhari and other aides remain in detention at the FCT command.
“Isa Funtua and Daura are asking the IG of Police to prosecute the ADC for some murders he reportedly carried out in Kogi as ADC to Yahaya Bello as a way of getting rid of him.
“Meanwhile, another scandal is brewing around Tunde, he was illegally recruited into the National Intelligence Agency but did not attend the compulsory training for cadets. He is looking into a future where he can be sent out of Nigeria as soon as Buhari’s regime is over as a way of covering up his massive wealth.

“Also, Daura cannot bear having Yusuf out of the Villa for even one week because of how he protects his numerous deals.”

Though Mrs Bihari had called on the Inspector-General of Police to release her security details, they remain in custody till this time.


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