Rivers State : How Governor Wike stifle the soul of democracy in the State


    The soul can be described as the leader, the inspirer, the moving spirit or the heart of a being or thing, etc.

    The Legislature is the soul of every Democratic form of Government.all over the world. Democracy as a form of government,is enhanced and strengthen by the legislature .The Legislature checks and controls  the excesses of both the Executive and the Judiciary.

    It has been established that the difference between a military government which  is  despotic and a democratic government, is the absence of the legislature in the former.

    Any democratic government where the legislative arm is gag, hush or prevented in any form, from carrying out its constitutional  duties, ceases to be a democracy.

    The present Rivers state government can be described to be  anything but democratic. To ensure that the legislature dose not performe its constitutional  duties, governor,Wike personally chose the  flag bearers of his party [PDP] in each of the 23 Local Governments in the State. Others who bought forms for the party’s primary elections without  Wike’s approval,  were ignored as primaries elections were never conducted.

    Governor Wike also funded the campaigns of all  the 23 State Assembly candidates of his party, PDP. .Information  has it that each of the candidate was given the sum of N21,000,000,00 to fund there campaigns at there various local government.

    Governor Wike while campaigning from Local Government to Local Government, would introduce his chosen candidate from that particular Local Government and urge the people to work for the candidate’s victory, if they want to benefit from his administration.

    Most,if not all  those chosen by Wike as his candidate,are people who would not have  been considerd by their constituency as their representative .but Wike chose them.

    During the election proper,governor Wike did everything possible to ensure they emerge victorius. Those who had their victory challenged in the law court ,were provided with all resources needed and used to prosecute the matter in court. Eventually,governor Wike has a State Assembly of his choice, not the people’s chioce.

    Having  been chosen,funded and made victorious by the  governor,it becomes obligatory on the part of the Assembly members to do whatever  the governor requires of them , including  passing bills  that will adversely  impact on the people. The State Assembly members who are supposed to be responsive to the people are now responsive to the governor. tt

    So, you hear the governor suspending local government chairmen and vice, an act which is an affrond on the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. You see the State  Assembly passing laws that are at variance with the laws of Nigeria, such as the Rivers State Local Government Pention Law, 2019, which intend to collaps the provisions of the Pension Reform Acts of 2014, as it concerns Local Government Staff, into the Rivers State contibutory Pention Fund.

    You see the governor breaching the provisions of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which he had sworn to observe,impliment and protect . In all these, you see  the docile Assembly members defending the acts of the governor . The over-sight functions of the Assembly members  to un earth the shady practices of the executive are abandond as the governor would never take that. State budgets are made secrete document  and the Assembly keep mum. Flood ravages the people of the state and the Assembly members keep mum.

    Any Assembly member who shows any sign of wanting to question the governor,would be asked questions such as’’do you know how you won your election?  ‘the answer, though not usually given, is an obvious no!  none of them knows how they won their election.

    Democracy in Rivers State will remain stifle unless Rivers people wakes up from their slumber and refuse supporting candidate sponsored by a governor or governorship aspirants


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