Coronavirus: Directives without Palliatives, the Nigerian Approach

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The three ties of government in Nigeria, has, in the past few days been issueing orders and directives to Nigerians, asking them to stay indoors, shorting down markets, Schools and businesses, in response to the rising numbers of those infected by the coronavirus.

In Rivers State, the Governor has short down all entery points into the State. He has ordered the closure of all markets, small businesses and shops/kiosk are being harassed by the task forces, asking them to also short down

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These are good measures to contain the spread of the virus. However, the governor is yet to come out or make public, any palliative measure to alleviate the suffering of the people as they are prevented from going out in search of their daily bread. When the daily income earners exhaust the little fund in their possession and the little food they had managed to procure, what would be their fate.? Hunger would have killed them even before the coronavirus locates them.

It would not be out of place for the Rivers State Government to device a means of identifying these daily income earners and making provisions for some amount of money to be paid to them while they remain indoors. Certainly, salary earners would be receiving their salaries throughout these period.

The State Government should not expect the Federal Government or individual donors to first give the State money before reaching out to Rivers People. The allocation for the State and the internally generated fund should, for once be used for the practical protection and preservation of lives of Rivers People

This will show how responsive and responsible the State governor is, to Rivers People that elected him. Rivers State people have not forgotten how the State government abandoned them during the flood that ravaged most parts of the State.


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