IKOKU FIVE : Why Rivers State Police Commissioner, mr. Mustapha Dandaura and the Police Public Relation Officer, mr. Nnandi Omoni should be sacked from the Nigerian Police Force


The general duties of the Nigerian Police Force as provided in Section 4 of the POLICE ACT and REGULATIONS, Cap 19, is for the prevention and detection of crime, the apprehensionof offenders, the preservation of law and orther, the protection of life and property, and the due enforcement of all laws and regulations with whichthey are directly charged, etc.

The Rivers State Police Command under the headship of C P Mustapha Dandaura, does every other thing except what the law requires of them as stated above. There are several Units with different names, working for tne Commissioner of Police. He directly supervices the operations and activities of these Units. He created them.

One of such Unit is the notorous Eagle Crack Unit, also known as  the Commissioner’s squard. The squard which is headed by SP Benson Adetuyi , has about six (6) other Police Officers, including a female, Sgt. Rose as members. It is now obvious that among the members of this Commissioner’s Squard, are murderers, armed robbers,kidnappers, rapists, extortionists, false accusers, etc. They are every negative thing one can think of, except Policemen. But they wear Nigerian Police uniform. Sometimes,you would hadly believe they are Policemen, because of the way dress (without footwears) and what they do (smoking indian helm openly)

On the 19th of December, 2019, one Chima Ekunado, a mechanic at the Ikoku spare parts dealers area of Diobu, Portharcourt, Rivers Stae, Nigeria, was on his way home after attending to two client’s vehicle. He drove one of the vehicle while his friend and colleque drove the other. In the two vehicles were Chima’s apprentices and a friend. There was trafic hold-up, so, Chima and his colleque decided to drive against the trafic(trafic offence). Suddenly, a Polive van drove past, asking them to pull over. They did. Some men with riffles springed out of the van,and accosted them. Except for the “Police” inscription on the van, nothing on them showed they were policemen. Chima and his friends were practically draged out of the two vehicles, handcuffed, thrown into the van and driven to the Mile 1 Police Station where the Eagle Crack office is situate.

At the Police Station, Chima and friends were dispossessedof their belongings (tool boxes, mobile phones and cash of one hundred and thirty one thousand naira) only, and thrown into the cell. No effort was made by the police men to contact the relatives of the suspect. They were accussed of stealing the two vehicles.

Mr. Eradiri,owner of one of the vehicles had tried on the 20th of December to  reach out to his mechanic, Chima but his mobil phone was’nt going through. When mr Eradiri visited Chima’s workshop and enquired of his car and Chima, his mechanic, he was informed that his mechanic was seen the previous day, argueing with some men suspected to be policemen along Ada George road, Portharcourt. Mr. Eradiri decided to visit the Mile 1 Police Station where his instinct told him Chima might be held.

At the Police Station, Mr. Eradiri saw his car parked. He was happy. At least, his car is safe. He enquired from an officer he saw,about his car being parked at the Police Station.To his surprise,the officer told him that the car was recovered from some armed robbers. He tried to explain to the Police officer that his car was with his mechanic and requested to see the armed robber, however, the police officer was not interested in all mr. Eradiri was talking. He became furious and pointing his gun at mr. Eradiri, he orthered him to leave the Station.

According to mr. Eradiri,he left and returned the following day in the company of two soldiers, his friends. The met the commander of the Eagle Crack, SP Benson Adetuyi. After explaining his previous day ordeal with officer he met,SP Adetuyi asked him to produce his proof of ownership of the car. The documents are in the car,he responded. The commander then called on the Police Investigating Officer (IPO), Inspector Sam to bring the documents from the car. Inspector Sam went, spent some time and came back, saying, there were no such document in the car. At that point, SP Adetuyi asked mr. Eradiri to come back the following day with original copies of the document. As they turned to leave the Station, SP Benson Adetuyi  was reported to have told the Soldiers who accompanied mr. Eradiri the matter is a Police matter and that they (Soldiers) should’nt get involved.

The following day, 21st December, 2019, mr. Eradiri returned to the Police Station with therequired document. He was accompanied by a senior military officer (his friend). SP Adetuyi received them and called on Inspector Sam to confired the document. The document were confiremed to be true and after some documentations, the vehicle was released to mr. Eradiri. According to mr. Eradiri,the owner of the second vehicle was also at the Police Station to recover his car. Both cars claimed by the police to have been stollen by Chima and his friends were released.

Meanwhile,Chima and his friends were still detained at the Eagle Crack Cell. Every day, they are brought out, tortured (with their hands and legs chained,  a pipe is passed through the chained hands and legs, and hung on a cross bar. While dangling on the cross bar, their heads, knees, elbows and body are hit with planks, harmer,etc. ) to extract confessional statements. They are thereafter thrown back into   the Cell. Part of the torture was the fondling of the genital organs of the suspects and a threat to castrate them by one Sgt. Rose, a female officer.

The torture of the 23rg of December, 2019, was so severe that Chima had to crawl back to the Cell. Chima was down and exhausted after the  torture that lasted from 11.00am to 5.00pm. That night, Chima could’nt sleep. He complained of being tired and thirsty. Unfortunately,there was no water for Chima to drink. In the early hours of 24th December, 2019, all inmate (about 90 persons in a very small cell) of the Cell woke up from sleep but Chima never did. Chima was dead. His friends raised alarm. Inspector Sam arrived.Inmates were instructed to carry the body out of the cell. The body was wrapped by the Eagle Crack team members and kept behind the building to prevent passersby from seeing. The body was later deposited in the team’s van and driven avay.

SP Benson Adetuyi, after Chima’s death, directec his men to allow Chima’s friends access to their mobile phones, to enable them contact their relatives. The Police never notified Chima’s parents of the death, they lied that Chima was in the hospital for treatment. The name of the hospital was also not mentioned.

SP Benson Adetuyi, confused on what to do, hurriedly, on the 27th of December, 2019, without intimating the lawyers representing the suspect, arrained them before a magistrate court he knew, has no jurisdiction to entertain the matter charged ( armed robbery, cultism, etc. ). In the charge sheet, Chima was declared by the Police to be at large.

Expectedly, the Court declined jurisdiction to entertain the matter but accepted jurisdiction to sentence them to prison custody, pending advice from the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP). It was expected that the magistrate, having taking notice of deep cuts and other injuries on the bodies of the suspect, and being aware of the absence of medical facilities in the Nigerian Prisons, would have ordered the Police to take them to the hospital for proper and adequate medical treatment, grant them bail and still forward the case file fo DPP’s advice.

When SP Benson Adetuyi could no longer conceal the death of Chima from the public who were outraged by the revelations, he sold a dummy to the Commissioner of Police, mr. Mustapha Dandaura and the Police Public Relation Officer, mr. Nnamdi Omoni, that an autopsy conducted on the body of late Chima who died in their cell, shows that he died of HIGH BLOOD SUGAR

Neither the Police Commissioner nor the Police Public Relation Officer ( both well trained) , bothered to find out from SP Adetuyi whether their was an inquest as required by the corona law before the autopsy was carried out. They never asked to find out if the parents of late Chima were present when the autopsy was carried out. They never demanded from SP Adetuyi, a copy of the autopsy report. The Police Public Relation Officer, mr. Nnamdi Omoni just went on air and told the whole world that late Chima died of HIGH BLOOD SUGAR. These are heights of irresponsibility and gross dereliction of of duty.

Following the pressure mounted on the Rvers Police Command and the judiciary by the media, Civil Societies and the good people of Rivers State, the Director of Public Prosecution’s advice was speedily obtained and on the 28th of January, 2020, the same Court that had earlter denied jurisdiction to entertain the matter, accepted jurisdiction and exonorated the suspects from all the charges, stating that “ the charges were based on mere speculation and prosecutable facts” the suspects were therefore discharged and acquitted.

There is no gain saying that these CP Mustapha Dandaura’s squard members are criminals whose threefold ministry is to steal, kill and destroy innocent Nigerians on trumpt up charges. Only criminals could treat humans the way and manner Dandaura’s men treated the IKOKU FIVE.

Police Commissioner Mustapha Dandaura and Police Public Relation Officer, mr. Nnamdi Omoni were put to shame when the Police Pathologist who eventually carried out the autopsy on late Chima’s body announced to the world on the 11th of February, 2020, that no autopsy had been carried out on Chima’s body before he did.

SP Benson Adetuyi, the Commissioner’s boy who brought this shame to the Nigerian Police Force,has been deployed by CP Dandaura.

The Commissioner of Police who is yet to disclose the true identities of the officers involved in the death of Chima, is currently holding meetings with late Chima’s family to settle the criminal matter out of Court.

Police Commissioner Mustapha Dandaura and the Police Public Relation Officers, mr. Nnamdi Omoni should be shown the way out of the Nigerian Police Force.


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