The misery of a police public relation officer,Dsp. Nnamdi Omoni


    Barr. Nnamdi Omoni is the Police Public Relation Officer of the Nigerian Police Force, Rivers State  Command. As the mouth piece of the Rivers State Command, Mr. Omoni communicates to the Rivers State public, the activities, efforts, challenges and successes of the Police Force in Rivers State. The Rivers people are suppose and expected to believe and take whatever Mr. Nnamdi Omoni tells them as the true security situatio in the State.

    Unlike Public Relation Officers of most organizations who, having participated in a meeting, communicates to the public decisions reached in the meeting, Mr. Nnamdi Omoni, most times, tells the Rivers State public what was reported to him by Unit heads and not what he knows as facts, truth and realities of the momment. There are several Police formations in Rivers State such as Area Commands, Divisional Police Offices, Police Posts and numerous other Units such as the infamous and dreaded eagle crack unit(E Crack), Special Anti Robbery Squard ( SARS ) etc. Amongst the headship of these formations are armed robbers, cultists, thieves, liars, fraudsters, killers, criminal’s informants etc. And Mr. Nnamdi Omoni speaks for them all. Most times, what Mr. Nnamdi Omoni tells the public as facts and truths, are

    at variance with what the public knows as the true position. This is not Mr. Omoni’s fault but the nature of his job.

    For instance  , a criminally minded Divisional Police Officer ( DPO) sents out his teams to mounth road blocks, collect monles from motorists and make returns to him. The public complains and Mr. Omoni reaches out to the DPO who expectedly denies the allegation. And Mr. Nnamdi Omoni goes on air and tells the public  that the allegations are unfounded and that ‘the men are not our men’

    In another instance, a team of SARS (Special Anti Robbery Squard) operators apprehends some young boys driving or walking along the streets of Rivers State, takes them to the Station, torture them to extract confession, detain and demand huge sum of money for bail. Relatives of the boys complains after paying to secure the bail of their boys. Mr. Nnamdi Omoni comes on radio the following day, denying the arrest, detention and extortion of money for bail, stating that bail is free. Ofcourse, this is the response mr. Omoni received from the SARS operators and he transmits to the public who witnessed the incident. Qn the 22nd of December, 2019, one Chima Ekunado, a mechanic  who had been arrested alongside four others on their way to deliver a client’s car, on a trump up charge of car theft, was hung on a cross bar, a torture feature behind the E

    CRACK unit of the mile 1 Police Station in Portharcourt, Rivers State and severely tortured.The torture which was said to  have lasted from 11am to 5pm of the 22nd december, saw an exhausted and weak Chima who was later take back to his cell. According to fellow inmates, Chima could not sleep as he complained of being weak and thirsty. Unfortunately, there was no water for Chima. In the morning of 23rd december, others woke up from sleep but Chima was still sleeping. Chima was dead. Without reaching out to Chima’s relatives, the Nigerian Police, the custodian of the law, took Chima’s corps to an unknown destination where an alledged autopsy was conducted

    Evidences are abound that Chima died as a result of torture by the Nigerian Police.  The public outcry and condemnation of the gruesome murder of Chima by the Nigerian Police, Rivers State Command needed an explanation from the Police Force and Barr. Nnamdi Omoni had to give that explanation.

    ‘’ Autopsy conducted on the body of late Chima shows that Chima died of HIGH BLOOD SUGAR’’ says Nnamdi Omoni. He expects the Rivers State public to believe him. Barr Nnamdi Omoni never bothered about the legality of the alledged autopsy report. He never considered as a father, how  he would have reacted to such hasty report about his own son.

    Again, that was what the head of the E crack unit told Mr. Omoni.

    The average Policeman on the streets of Rivers State is a thief, armed robber,rapist, kidnapper looking for his next prey. At check points, the Nigerian Policeman is not looking for criminals but their prey to intimidate, arrest, detain, torture and ask the victims to bail theirselves with huge amount of money. They had paid so much to their superiors to be posted to Rivers State, and they have to recoup and make extra.

    Few weeks ago,Ebere, the little girl who was violated and dumped opposite the Elekahia Police Station in Port harcourt City Local Government of Rivers State for three days before she was taken to the Braithwait Memorial Hospital by the Nigerian Police Force after much public outcry,was abandoned at the hospitaland she died. Ebere would have lived if the Nigerian Police Force had attended to her the first day she was noticed by the Police. When a radior presenter on 92.3 Nig. Info FM asked Mr Nnamdi Omoni why the Police refused taking the girl to the hospital the first day they saw her,he responded by saying that the Nigerian Police Force lacked the fund to take the little girl to the hospital.What else is the responsibility of the Nigerian Police Force if not saving lives and properties of nigerians. Barr. Nnamdi Omoni is seen differently by different persons in Rivers State. While some see him as a young, fine officer doing his best to protect his job, many others see him as a liar; prevaricator, misleader and a fabricator


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